Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Watching for Pigs

Here's a 4x6 postcard I created for a Pink Floyd inspired swap. The man's body and head (both altered) are from Tumble Fish Studio's Snappy Dressers Elements Pack at The pig is from siefert2 at The borders include elements from Teesha Moore, found images, and scrapbook paper. Various paint pens, markers, watercolor crayons + pencils, etc. were used to complete the card.

You'll notice that this and the previous post feature images from Marsha (Tumble Fish Studio). Marsha has kindly allowed me to be a part of her Creative Team. I'm in awesome and inspiring company! Thanks, Marsha!

Monday, April 26, 2010

life at sea

here's a 4x6 mixed-media postcard i made for a sea life themed swap. i used images from tumble fish studio's fish babes element pack (available at head, body, life ring, fish, vintage people, text, as well as some teesha moore elements, along with some found images, scrap paper, etc.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

time for art

i haven't had much time to create art this month, but here are a few pieces i made.

the last 2 are journal pages i made for friends in our ongoing round-robin journal swap. the houses are magnets for a neighborhood house swap, and the other two are postcards: 1 in the last one in a numerical swap and the other is for a zany zetti postcard swap.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

another busy week

ok, so our calendar for march was packed. our calendar for april is packed. and even may is starting to fill in. i am so tired of such a busy life. i feel like i'm going in so many directions and that nothing really gets done well....
but as i've said before, i'm thankful for art. it really brings me peace and joy. here are a few things i've made here and there. my art time is usually 4 a.m. because once the day gets going, it's hard to get back to my art desk!

here we have six "inchies" (1"x1") for a beach-themed inchie swap; a 4x4 chunky for a moulin rouge inspired chunky swap; an altered envelope for a tea or coffee themed altered envelope swap; and 3 magnets for a "twinchie" (2"x2")zetti mix-up swap. In this swap the heads, bodies, and legs will all be mixed up and traded. they are fun to make and will make fun magnets.