Tuesday, February 23, 2010

about time i blogged....

man, i just feel like i'm always behind on everything! here's a couple of pieces of art i recently made.
the purple piece is a 4x5 canvas i made for a dear friend who loves the color purple. i used a lot of purple collage goodies from my friend mary, aka paperscraps (flickr).
the mona piece is a 4x6 postcard i made for a mona zetti challenge. the legs and mona face are from teesha moore--my favorite source of collage images.

btw, if you're on facebook, friend me, if we're not already fb friends :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

a little bit of art

here are a few bits and pieces i've done recently. the black + whites are for a black + white chunky page (thick 4x4) swap. one of the images is blurry due to embellishments. the other is a couple of pages for my teesha-moore style journal. most of the images used i purchased from teesha.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Juneau Artists Gallery web site

Okay, I'm on the Juneau Artists Gallery web site now!

I still need to upload pix of the bldg, the storefront, and my wall. stay tuned (tho' it will be a week or so!)

misc pieces

here's a 2x6 bookmark i made (front a paint sample strip) for a tree-themed bookmark swap; a butterfly postcard;altered clothespins; and an altered envelope for swaps.

some more work

here are the front + backs of pages i made for an inchie journal swap. each page must feature an inchie, text, and some work with markers. mine are simple, but i think they turned out fun.

a few minutes...

Okay, I have a few minutes free so I'm going to upload as many of my new pieces as I can....

A month or so ago, Teesha Moore made some great videos on how she makes her awesome journals. I'm in a round-robin swap with 7 other people wherein we'll work on pages in each others' journals. Ours are smaller than Teesha's; we made ours 5x6. So we are all responsible for our own front + back covers, as well as the artists' sign-in page (as well as a few other pages). So here are my front + back covers + the sign-in page. (Page 9 with be a JAM page wherein all artists will contribute.)

out of the loop

I'm sorry I've been out of the blog loop. It's due to health issues, but please stay posted. I do have a lot to share which I'll do asap. Thanks for your patience!