Monday, May 17, 2010

new canvas art at juneau artists gallery

here are 3 mixed-media collage canvases i recently created. they're all hanging on my wall at juneau artists gallery. i had to take photos, so you can't see them as well as you could if i'd been able to scan them.
i created "beneath the stars" because i stumbled across the quote in a book and was inspired by it. i will have prints available at the gallery of this piece soon.
"lime flowers" is a piece i created based on the cover article of the current issue of cloth, paper, scissors magazine. it was too fun, and i plan to make more in other color schemes.
"re-emerging" really speaks to me about the resilience of the human spirit wherein we can go through life's battles (difficulties), but are able to re-emerge, even tho' we may be wounded/bruised/scarred. it's definitely one of my all-time fav pieces i've created.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

a little art

it was another busy week, but i did manage to get a couple of small things finished. the "house" is a magnet for a "say what?" challenge wherein the phrase "love for her window" had to be used.
the 4x4 chunky page is another one for the moulin rouge inspired swap. on this one i used a transparency, alcohol inks, rubberstamping, and collage elements from Tumble Fish Studio, available at (dancing lady [modified] from Froo Froo Elements; face from Snappy Dressers Elements; butterfly from Wild Wings Elements; + text from Random Words Elements.)

Recently I completed 3 new canvases that I'm excited about, but I hung 2 at Juneau Artists Gallery before taking photos of them. I plan to go into the gallery soon and take photos of them. The third I had prints made, so I think I'll scan one of the prints to showcase on my blog. I'm sure a scan of a scan won't produce the best image, but it should serve the purpose!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


here's 4x6 postcard i made for a navigation themed swap. this postcard features a couple of images from teesha moore, as well as rubberstamps and part of an old map.

Monday, May 3, 2010

bee in her bonnet

this didn't scan well due to the embellishment (#8). it's much more vivid in real life. but it's a 3x3 magnet for a bee-themed swap. the head is from teesha moore.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

her royal highness

here's a 2.5x3.5 atc (artist trading card)i made for a royal zetti challenge. i found the text in a vintage book: she lifted her chin with royal dignity. i really like old text and am thinking that it would be fun to find some cool phrases and create art around them. (as a rule, i make the art and then find supportive text--which can be very time-consuming!)
i also made an altered envelope that i love love love. it has alaska mountains in background and the ever-present raven in the forefront. but alas, i can't publish it because i already put my return address on it, and due to identity theft concerns, i think i'm better off being safe than sorry.
so...sorry you can't see it!