Sunday, March 30, 2008

French Hen

Roc (see link @ right) + I are in a monthly 4x4 chunky page trade that will last for 1 year. We alternate selecting a theme for the month. This month's theme is bird. This is my bird for Roc. It's made of paper layering, a collage image from altered-diva (see link @ right), a cutout crown and wing (vintage french text), rubber stamping, postage stamp from France, water soluable crayon, India ink, beaded fringe, and tiny adhesive dots on the tips of the crown that I'm afraid are going to fall off in transit.


roc said...

oh what a gorgeous chunky page!! i loe it!!

roc said...

oopss..that was suppose to say i LOVE it. but i loe it too!

greer said...

I loe it to even if it's not mine.