Sunday, May 25, 2008


A bunch of us at mailartworld are altering silverware, inspired by the most recent issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I have 14 pieces in the works (and more on standby!). Here is the first one I completed. I've altered a vintage silver-plated seafood fork. Often it's hard to get a decent photo or scan of small, non-flat objects, but here it is. The materials/techniques I used: alcohol inks, hemp twine, eyelash fibers, vintage text: "catch a crab," beads, abalone shell bead/charm thingys. When it's hanging up, you can't really see the hemp twine.
I scored a lot of silver-plated forks and spoons at Goodwill on a recent trip to Clovis, New Mexico. I paid 29 cents per piece. On ebay these items are sold as antiques for a higher cost, so I was pleased with my find.


roc said...

those beads on there are awesome.

Outstanding Stranger said...

I just signed up for this swap too..Love your forks...Diane