Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning

My friend, Anji, has some great shots of downtown Juneau with (gasp!) empty streets. Like she says, they won't be empty long. Although there is a lot of speculation about the number of tourists we'll see this year, in the past few years we've had around 1 million tourists arrive in the summer, and those empty streets seen in Anji's photos are usually teeming with 10,000 or more tourists at a time.

Here's my letter B postcard. I used the theme butterflies to try to coincide with last week's challenge at SundayPostcardArt, but I didn't get mine uploaded in time.

And here's a little fairy I created. The face is from Teesha Moore. I drew the rest.


Anji Gallanos said...

FAb as usual Cathy..hope Naomi is feeling better

Debby said...

Hi Cathy, Both of your pieces are great, I especially love the butterfly piece.

roc said...

great cards cath.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Lovely works again, Miss Cathy! You get so much done and do it so very well in so many different styles. You are so talented, I drool (and wipe of course). I will have to go see the pix. It sounds so exciting - I love being a tourist and wish I lived in some cool tourist spot (you can't really count L.A. as a tourist kind of spot cuz it's just too big to notice.)

crafty capers said...

Lovely! I just love what you do. A little blog award for you on my blog :-)