Sunday, May 31, 2009

Text-inspired Skinnies

Here are four pages I made for a text-inspired "skinny" (3x5) page swap.
Usually if I add words to my art, I do so after composing the piece. In this instance, I had to find text and then create art to support the text. I found this much more challenging. I used vintage text for my finds.
The pieces are: She wanted to go to the ball; She was fat and glossy; We went to look at the moon; and Reach for the moon.
(Now watch; I'll upload them and they'll come out in the opposite order of what I just typed!)

On another note, the sun is back in Juneau--yahoo!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Botanica, Botanica

Ok, that's what I'm calling this style of art, like it or not. Here are a couple of 8x10 journal pages I made for a trade with my friend, Stuart.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Now that the family's away, I'm able to start catching up on some of my art trading commitments + work on new canvases (yahoo!) + spring clean (but we don't need to talk about that!)

Here's a postcard I made for a door themed trade. I took the text from random bits of a poem by Maya Angelou called California Prodigal. The parts I used:

Star Jasmine and old vines
Lay claim
Flush on inner cottage walls
Antiquitous faces

I thought it fit the card well. Funny, I was just going through my box of text simply looking for the word "open." I think Maya's words are much better!

more alphabet postcards

here are my letter C and letter D postcards.
C is for clown
D is for diva "there's a diva in every crowd!"
the dog image is from Teesha Moore.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Postcard Challenge

I love the Sunday Postcard Challenges, and I try to participate as often as I can. It's been a while, though, so I was thrilled to find time this morning to create a card for this week's theme: numbers.

Sunny Sad Sunday

Well my husband + daughter left early this a.m. I'm kinda used to my husband traveling a lot, but I am definitely not used to having my daughter gone. It is hard! But I have a lot to do, and I'll be joining in her in 3.5 weeks, so I'll just keep busy--spring cleaning and making art.
On the up side, the sun is shining. That's always a treasured thing in Juneau!

Here's a card I made for a Bird of Sorrow postcard challenge.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Online Stores

I have permanently closed my online cafepress store.

I have temporarily closed my online etsy store due to summer travel plans. Look for it to reopen at the end of July!


Saturday Morning

I saw my chronic care manager yesterday, and she prescribed an antibiotic to help knock the "crud" out of me--for which i am thankful!
This is it: crunch time. My husband and daughter leave early tomorrow morning--there's tons to be done yet!
I recently sold 3 of my canvases, so if I can, I need to make more now that the tourists are coming to town. The three that I just sold are the one with the birds wearing boots; the one with the starfish; and the one with the purple face.
Here's a postcard I made featuring images from Teesha Moore. The challenge was to make a postcard using at least three circles.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


so if a 3x3" piece of art is a thrinchie, then what is a 2x2? it's a twinchie, of course! here are some twinchies i made for an asian-themed twinchie swap. sorry, for the poor scanning job.

one of the "benefits" of living in a rainforest is that there's always some "crud" going around. here we simply call it "the juneau crud." well yesterday i started coming down with the current crud--ugh.

on the upside, it's been a wonderful may. a lot of sun; barely any rain. loving it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Give Me A Thrinch...

...and I'll make more thrinchies (3"x3" pieces of art).
Here are a couple more thrinchie magnets I made. The sun is for an "Under the Sun" themed challenge. Its background is paint and stamps. The face is polymar clay. And the rays were cut from copper foil tape.
The zetti is for a zetti-themed challenge wherein you must use at least 3 medias. I used acrylic paints for the background; collage images; rubberstamping; and hand drawing and lettering.

Last week was super busy, and the time spent included my first appointment with an endriconologist who started coming to town 1-2x a month beginning in February. He was so thorough and he made some drastic, but positive, changes to my insulin dosages. I'll be in touch with him weekly via email until I see him again in July.

This week I'll be spending most of my time getting my daughter ready for her upcoming trip: almost six weeks at my parents' place (featuring a heated pool) in New Mexico, where she'll also spend a lot of time with her cousin. My husband is taking her down. He'll be gone two weeks, and during that time he'll drive across Texas to spend some time with his family in Louisiana before returning to Juneau. About 1.5 weeks later, I'll fly down, stay with my family for a couple of weeks, and then return home with my daughter at the end of June. Anyway, there is a lot to be done this week, beginning with taking my daughter to the dentist, and then shopping, today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just One Palette

I love Somerset Studio's feature, Just One Palette. The latest issue's palette was brown, tan and blue. I made a thrinchie (3"x3") magnet.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Good Little Soul

Here's a cyclops bunny I made for a challenge. It's mostly paper layering with some machine stitching. The vintage text on his heart says "a good little soul."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you are having a wonderful day. Today's going to be warm + sunny in Juneau--always a treat.
I woke up to find two decorative things I wanted for my living room...and--tada--a gorgeous sea glass necklace created by my friend Anji. I have been longing for a piece of her sea glass jewelery for a long, long time, and the piece she and my husband selected is absolutely perfect. I'm thrilled!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning

My friend, Anji, has some great shots of downtown Juneau with (gasp!) empty streets. Like she says, they won't be empty long. Although there is a lot of speculation about the number of tourists we'll see this year, in the past few years we've had around 1 million tourists arrive in the summer, and those empty streets seen in Anji's photos are usually teeming with 10,000 or more tourists at a time.

Here's my letter B postcard. I used the theme butterflies to try to coincide with last week's challenge at SundayPostcardArt, but I didn't get mine uploaded in time.

And here's a little fairy I created. The face is from Teesha Moore. I drew the rest.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm a winner!

Yesterday I learned that I won a monthly drawing from Susanne's etsy store! I got to select 3 free collage sheets--now isn't that cool?