Tuesday, February 23, 2010

about time i blogged....

man, i just feel like i'm always behind on everything! here's a couple of pieces of art i recently made.
the purple piece is a 4x5 canvas i made for a dear friend who loves the color purple. i used a lot of purple collage goodies from my friend mary, aka paperscraps (flickr).
the mona piece is a 4x6 postcard i made for a mona zetti challenge. the legs and mona face are from teesha moore--my favorite source of collage images.

btw, if you're on facebook, friend me, if we're not already fb friends :)


June said...

Both are really beautiful and very different and i am with your friend ... I adore purple
hugs June xxx

sharon said...

Awesome Cath!

VBR said...

Had a great visit to your blog here. I saw the Mona Zetti swap but wasn't able to join due to a backlog of other stuff. But, I think your Mona Lizetti is a beauty! And, the purple work is just wonderful too!