Saturday, May 15, 2010

a little art

it was another busy week, but i did manage to get a couple of small things finished. the "house" is a magnet for a "say what?" challenge wherein the phrase "love for her window" had to be used.
the 4x4 chunky page is another one for the moulin rouge inspired swap. on this one i used a transparency, alcohol inks, rubberstamping, and collage elements from Tumble Fish Studio, available at (dancing lady [modified] from Froo Froo Elements; face from Snappy Dressers Elements; butterfly from Wild Wings Elements; + text from Random Words Elements.)

Recently I completed 3 new canvases that I'm excited about, but I hung 2 at Juneau Artists Gallery before taking photos of them. I plan to go into the gallery soon and take photos of them. The third I had prints made, so I think I'll scan one of the prints to showcase on my blog. I'm sure a scan of a scan won't produce the best image, but it should serve the purpose!


Ophelia said...

Love this!!! I really need to get over to Tumble Fish Studios to do some shopping!!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Love what you are doing here Cathy. These are both brilliant! Penny

Michele said...

It's so cool to see all your work hanging in the gallery. Lovely pieces!