Friday, August 1, 2008

Work in Progress continued

I'm struggling a bit with the shading/highlighting. Any suggestions/advice?
Also, her chin ended up a bit pointy. Any ideas on how to correct that?


Outstanding Stranger said...

This is shaping up nicely just need to bump up the Hi-lights a little, the placement is good. Think of the face as having high spots(like the end of the nose and the chin) and low spots like the sides of the nose and under the lip at the little low spot on your chin...Now think of the high spots as light and the low spot as dark. Maybe I should have just said that in the beginning...Oh well this is the first time I have tried to tell someone how-to..Have fun, Hugs, Diane

Cathy said...

thanks, diane!!

LisaB said...

Good advice given. You are on a roll, don't stop now!