Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bear in the Backyard

Several days this week we have had a bear in our backyard. It's just a baby, and it's pretty skittish. But even so, you never know how one will react when frightened or startled, so my daughter cannot play outside. This bear can rapidly climb trees and skedaddle over our almost 5' tall fence as tho' it is nothing. These photos were taken yesterday as it was feasting on our raspberries.


roc said...

it is absolutely amazing! love that little thing. we have black bear around here too. it's always such a gift to see them. you are right..stay safe!

Alberta and Ava said...

This bear showed up in my dreams last night, Cathy! I had been looking at your woek earlier in the evening and went to sleep and, then, poof, he appeared! He was a gentle bear, thank goodness!