Sunday, September 7, 2008

David's fall

My youngest son, David (18), was heading down one of Juneau's rocky cliffs last night, carrying a case of bottled water down to the beach where he and a group of his new college friends were planning a bonfire and cookout. David slipped, slid, and fell onto a rock and then somersaulted off of that. This occurred 35 miles out of town. It took a long time for everyone (rescue personnel) to get there: to get him out and back into town/the hospital took the police dept, the fire dept, EMTs, ambulance driver, and the Juneau Rope Rescue team. He had to be put on one of those cage-stretcher thingys and then roped up the cliff. And then they had to drive real slow back to town because they weren't sure if he had head injuries or not. Thank goodness, he does not. He did break his right femur, and at this moment he is in surgery gettting a titanium rod put in the bone.
His friends were troopers. Between all of them we managed to salvage his shoes, belt, billfold, ipod, cell phone, backpack, laptop, and glasses! They also made quite a drive to bring David's car home and then drove further to bring me the keys while I was at the hospital.
I was at the hospital with David from 930 last night til 230 am, and then I was back there by 830 this am before his surgery; I will return again at 1 pm--by then he should be back in his room.
No drinking etc involved for those who wonder. All they had was water, root beer, the makings for smores, chips, and hotdogs!
Anyway, appreciate prayers and understanding if I can't be online much.


Anonymous said...

Of course Cathy! I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm glad he doesn't have head injuries, however. Prayers and good thoughts for you and for David.

Pippin said...

Take care Cath, hope David heals well, i am sure he`will at 18. Hugs and prayers for you both.

Donna said...

Hope he recovers quickly! xx

roc said...

good luck with everything cath. i'm here if you need me to be.

Outstanding Stranger said...

Gosh, what a nightmare Cathy. I am glad he is going to be Ok, it sounds like it could have been much worse. Get some rest now it sounds like the worst is over. Hugs, Diane

Sir Pumpkin said...

Cathy was so concerned by your news; hope all goes well - am sure it will as he is young and fit. And it sounds as thought matters will improve rapidly from now. You will be in my thoughts. x

Suzan Buckner said...

Goodness Cathy!!! I would be a mental case!!! I am so glad that he's now recuperate so fast!!!I will keep him in my prayers!! Hugs!!

Wish that I was closer, so I could offer you some help!!!