Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Morning

We're home after three warm + sunny (thank goodness!) days of camping on Portland island: spectacular views, lots of whales + a few sea lions and seals. Hey Anji, I even scored a few pieces of beach glass.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I've had any serious art time. I swear I was having withdrawals. While camping it crossed my mind that people were probably tired of my art.
Well, then yesterday afternoon Nancy, the owner of the venue that sells my art, called to let me know that one of my new canvases, Hope (you can see it in a previous post), was sold to a woman going thru a divorce. It will be featured on a wall in her new apt. And then she shared that someone came in and purchased a lot of prints and just raved at how much my art spoke to her. And lastly, she shared a story of a mom + daughter came in. The daughter has battled anorexia (sp?) for a few years, tho' she's looking healthy at the moment. The mother + Nancy were visiting, when the daughter came up and took her mother to my art wall. She pointed to "Teach Me to Fly," and said that she never loved a piece of art as much as she loved this piece. (Tho' they didn't buy it, LOL!)
But it was just the encouragement I needed at the moment, and I'm blessed to hear that my art is still touching people. It's something I always aim for, tho' I never really know if I accomplish that goal or not.
Meanwhile, the sun is still shining in Juneau--hurrah! I hope to have an art-filled day out on my back deck surrounded by the views of our beautiful back yard and neighboring mountains.
Hope you all have a great week!

Here's a postcard I made for a Frida-themed challenge.


Terri Kahrs said...

How awesome! I love that you shared your story. I actually got "goosebumps" when I read about the lady purchasing the "Hope" piece! Awesome post, Cathy! Hugs, Terri

roc said...

how nice cath! i'm so happy for you. isn't it nice to know that your art speaks to people! that's great. of course you know, your art has always spoken to me. i think i'm your biggest fan!

Janny said...

Great post, gorgeous work!