Thursday, July 16, 2009

thurs morn

on a sad note, the rain came back yesterday, and it still appears to be here :(

here's a few pieces of art i've made in the past few days. i'm trying to get caught up on swaps, challenges, etc.

the blue inchies are for a blue inchie swap. the pink postcard is for a "tickle me pink" challenge. and the beach postcard is for a beach postcard swap. i put a ton of work into it! it started out as a black + white vintage image.


Anji Gallanos said...

on a better isn't a downpour so we can still get it's keeping the mosquitoes away..cheers and great work!!

Alberta said...

I'm sorry you're not having pretty weather where you are. So much of the country has been deluged by rain this summer, but in Georgia, we're baking in 95 degree temperatures. I'd give anyting for one rainy day! I love all you new work, especially the beach page and the addition of color to the vintage photo.

roc said...

great work, as always cath. i'm so glad the rain found you and not me. the entire month of june except for about 1/2 dozen days were rain!!! the past few days we've had some sunshine here and there and it's wonderful!