Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Art Show Update

Hope those who can will attend my art show at Skeins, downtown Juneau in the Senate Building on Friday, March 6, from 430-730 pm.
I do have some new works. I want to post them here, but they're big. Today they will start going to the printers, who will scan them in sections, and then "seam" them on their computer. Later in the week I will buy a "jump drive," and then they will put the images on that, and then I can upload them to my computer. Everything is such a process!
I am not sure if I will have prints made of the new pieces right away.

Tomorrow I will be another year older, another year wiser. So today I am kind of treating myself. I am going to browse the used book store, and then I am going to JoAnn's to see if I can find some art supply goodies (I'm sure I can!), and then I am having lunch with a friend.
Tomorrow I will go out to lunch with my oldest son.
I am actually not "celebrating" my birthday 'til Friday night. I am not sure what celebrating means other than that is when I will open my presents. I have a bunch of them from my mom and my sister. They are almost too pretty to open. But I will force myself!


BlueRidgeLady said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY!!! A day early! Heck, I'm never a day early! Hope you have a great day and a fun lunch with your son! Good luck with the show!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Congratulations on your new show. I can't wait to see your new pieces!!

Also saw your latest challenge postcard. I think I may start playing. Thanks for sharing your work and that link!
- Marjorie

roc said...

it's going to be a wonderful birthday. i'm so excited for you to open up your gifts. can't wait to see what you get!

Jenyfer said...

Happy Birthday! I look forward to hearing about your show.