Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bird Postcard

I started off making this postcard for a wings-themed postcard challenge. How it came out isn't close to how it began. First, I'd torn a 3rd of that floral paper off to use on the bottom of the pc. Once I changed my mind about size + placement, I had to glue it back together very carefully so it could sit where it now is. I had put transparency butterfly wings coming off the egg. I decided I didn't like them, so I carefully removed them. But of course they left some black marks on the floral paper, which I removed with the help of 2 different types of erasers plus sandpaper. I had also put that little bird that's in the bottom right corner across the bottom of the egg. I didn't like it, so I also had to carefully remove it. It did leave some white torn paper marks on the egg, which I covered with the big bird.
So this is my salvage :)

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