Friday, February 20, 2009


i'm blogging just because it's been awhile since i've done so, and i did try to commit to blogging almost everyday this year.
nothing exciting here. i try to stay away from negative things--for the most part--here, but i have a couple of chronic conditions that have been giving me a hard time this week. consequently, i'm just "off."
and in that, i've lost my art mojo. i haven't liked anything i've done this week. not to be weird, but when i'm working on something, i kinda need it to "speak" to me, and from that i can usually bring a piece together. this week, nothing's speaking to me, and as a result, i've just not been happy with any of my art efforts.
meanwhile, the art show is looming. well, at least i have my art there all the time, and they do have a supply of canvases from me. that's good, because at the rate i'm going (unless things hopefully change), i won't be bringing much more to the show. i have completed one piece that i like. i finished it last week, before the slump hit.
today is a dear friend's birthday. and i feel bad i didn't have her gift ready.
gosh, can't i write anything positive???
oh i know! it's kinda warm today for february, and it's light outside (as opposed to dark, heavy clouds).


roc said...

hey cath...we all go through periods like that. sometimes we just need a break to rejuvenate. if i can do anything to help..let me know! love ya!

Jenyfer said...

Cathy I am sorry to hear you are having a bad week. It's like a cold it must be going around. I am sure you will get your art mojo back soon!

Danny said...

I know exactly how you feel. I lose mine from time to time as well. Visiting the blogs of others sometimes helps me get that much needed inspiration back. I know yours will return soon...just hang in there and it will be back before you know it!

BlueRidgeLady said...

It's so true Cathy. I get like that alot and I don't know.... when I do, it just makes everything else worse than it would be too!!! I do know though, that it never lasts too long and it won't for you either. You are way too talented for that to happen my friend!

Cathy said...

thanks, everyone :)

Kersten said...

Your Muse will return - she's probably like mine and simply taking a break from our Southeast Alaskan February. I find that when I get in an art slump, simply spending arty time organizing my stamp room can work wonders!

Alberta and Ava said...

I know what it's like to have a slump, Cathy, but remember it's just that: a temporary slump. And as far a writing anything positive, I KNOW you can, because you've written a lot positive to me lately, and that makes a big difference to me. You do; you make a big difference to me. Your muse has just gone south to warmer climes for a little sunshine. I bet it's already on its way back to you, rested and rejuvenated, with a Brazilian wax and ready to rhumba!