Thursday, August 13, 2009

art machine

this week i've felt somewhat like an art machine because i've been cranking out work to try to catch up with all my art obligations. i made 5 pink chunky pages (4x4s); text inchies; butterfly inchies; a snail postcard (shown here); finished a canvas that i think i'll save for the annual "gallery walk" in december; and more postcards, journal pages, atcs...!
some cold bug has been going around my family; it caught me yesterday--ugh.


Outstanding Stranger said...

My goodness have been busy. I love the snail postcard..and I saw your pink chunkys at the site, or flickr.....any they were great...or maybe they were some one elses pink chunky's...oh my sometimes I look at so many things I get confused....Hope your cold gets better. Hugs, Diane

roc said...

i didn't know you weren't feeling well cath. i'm so sorry. i hope you feel better soon! your work that i've seen is awesome, as always!

Janny said...