Friday, August 7, 2009


i can't believe it's already friday and that we're almost a week into august. this week has flown by.
i didn't get much art time: i made some red inchies, but i didn't scan them. and i did get this one postcard done for a window-themed challenge.
tonight is opening night of annie, jr, a musical that will be performed by our local theatre's STAR program (summer kids program), and my daughter, who has worked hard, 5 hrs a day/5 days a week for the past 4 weeks, will be performing in it. she's the dog catcher, the housekeeper, and one of the orphans. we're very excited. she's performed in numerous musicals and talent shows since 1st grade (she's about to enter 6th). she's very comfortable on stage (as is my youngest son who performed in MASH, Les Miserables, and Alexander's in his senior year of high school, 08, + ran a local improv group last summer which performed downtown). she also has my husband's singing genes. (he's the lead singer in a local group + also sings at numerous--sometimes too numerous--local events). so we're expecting a great show. it will be held at an outdoor covered pavilion at the university.
hope everyone has a great weekend!


Dezinaworld said...

Love this collage. Superb work and lots of fun too.
Good luck ( break a leg as they say in theatre ) for your daughter and hope you have a super time at the opening. Sounds to me like there is a lot of talent in your family and not least your own artistic talent
hugs June x

roc said...

hope naomi does really great!

Outstanding Stranger said...

What a talented family...hard work should be rewarded. Enjoy the play and be sure and take her some flowers....hugs, Diane

Shirl said...

Nice postcard. How exciting for your family! Hope you all have a good time.