Monday, December 29, 2008

Love is in the Air

Sadly, The Creating Place, the fun spot where I had my first show and where I was able to sell my art in downtown Juneau, decided to close its doors. I want to take a moment to thank Anji, for seeking me out and giving me the opportunity to showcase my art. I just feel that our working together some how, some way, in the art world isn't finished yet, so it will be interesting to see what develops as time goes on. (Go to her blog + check out her cool jewelry.)
I also want to thank Jenyfer, who worked at The Creating Place. She was there for my art show setup, and she taught me a lot about presentation and pricing, not to mention she jumped in and helped me make it all happen. Sadly, Jenyfer and her husband have left Juneau (our loss), but we will stay in touch via email and blogging. They are currently traveling around deciding where they will make their next home base. (Jenyfer takes awesome photos; be sure to check out her blog. She's a cool artist, too. I recently scored one of her crow in Alaska pieces.)
I also want to thank Amy, also of The Creating Place, for all her encouragement and support.
Well, as they say, when God closes a door, He opens a window.
My art has been picked up by Nancy of Skeins, located downtown Juneau in the Senate Building on South Franklin Street, the main tourist stretch, for those of you who don't know the lay of the land. In fact, Skeins is located right upstairs from where The Creating Place lived.
A yarn store might seem like a strange place to showcase art. But Nancy's store is very artsy, very fiber-filled, has a friendly atmosphere, and while fiber is the main thing, the store also features finished fiber art, lots of cool baskets, some pottery, and more. In fact, my work, which will be showcased on one wall, fits right in with the vibe of the store.
For an artist it's a pretty good spot to be in. Not only does Skeins have a dedicated line of local buyers, it also, as stated above, gets a good volume of tourist traffic.
So I have peace with the location.
Well, Nancy called my husband yesterday. (She was one of his clients in his former career.) It seems she's brimming with marketing ideas, and knows that sort of thing is right up Nathan's alley, too. I've decided Nathan is my agent. I don't like dealing with the business side of art. This works well for me.
Anyway, Nancy has Valentine's Day in her brain. Therefore, I will be creating at least eight new pieces of love-themed art asap.
I love it!

Here's a photo that shows just a small part of Skeins.
Here's the street and The Senate Building. (see that little white sign a bit to the left above the man? That's the Alaska Fudge Co. --yum! anyway, that's where my youngest son has worked the past 3 summers. and yes, he makes fudge while the tourists watch him work!)


Anji Gallanos said...

Thank you so much Cathy...I love the quote. I really believe in you. You have an amazing talent. I look forward to watching your career grow.

roc said...

great news cath! i'm so happy for you.

debra said...

hi, just stopped in for a little visit. your artwork always makes me smile. i especially like the crows. if i weren't a million miles away, i'd come to the yarn shop. i hope your mother-in-law is recovering well.

Bev said...

Hi sweetie, justed to come and say HEY!!! love you dear friend!!! Have a Blessed and safe New Year, Beive

Jenyfer said...

Cathy thank you for the shout out. I am so glad you are showing your work at Skeins. I saw Nancy looking at your work and encouraged her to take your card... She said she wants all of it... I am glad it worked out. I look forward to seeing your heart collection.