Sunday, December 14, 2008

On Nathan's Pond (or should I say "in?")

so...we had 11 inches of snowfall Monday night, but then by Tuesday afternoon it turned to rain and washed most of the snow away. By Wednesday it was 42-degrees, and it stayed above freezing until Friday, when the temperature dropped to about 26-degrees.
So I was out running errands early Friday afternoon, and when I came home I noticed Nathan's dress shoes, underwear, and socks--all sopping wet, on the floor by the clothes hamper in the garage, where our "laundry room" is. So we exchanged a couple of emails.
C to N: what's with the wet duds?
N to C: i fell in the pond
C to N: why'd you do that? where are your jeans? (Friday being casual day)
N to C: they're in the bathtub in our room (meaning the master bathroom off of our bedroom)
C to N: oh good. i was worried you wore just your undies and socks and shoes to fall into the pond.
N to C: funny

So later I get the whole story: Nathan came home for a short lunch break, and since it was so pretty out (clear skies), decided to walk around the back yard, and when he reached the pond, he decided to test the ice. Now, really it had not been cold long enough for any serious ice, and he should have known that, but apparently he put one foot out onto the ice, and of course the ice cracked. but he slipped, and the next thing he knew he was sitting with his butt on the bottom of the pond, waist-deep in water (with his good sport coat on, of course).
omg, I'm so sorry I missed the event. I can just picture Nathan sitting out in the pond in our backyard, fully dressed, in the middle of winter, as if the pond were a hot tub or something. Wish I'd been there with a camera....


Outstanding Stranger said...

Hi Cathy, well I had a pretty good picture of him sitting in that pond. Waist deep suit and he is glad you didn't have a camera handy...Hugs, Diane

roc said...

too funny! i wish i could have seen it!

Sir Pumpkin said...

Hehe - great story.