Thursday, January 1, 2009


For a long time I've said that 2008 was the hardest year of my life. For multiple reasons--health, finances, and more--it was definitely a stressful time from January through mid-November, and it all took its toll on me. In mid-November I realized just how much I was dreading each new day, and I also remembered that for much of my life, I eagerly anticipated new days. The scripture/song "This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice + be glad in it" started rolling around in my head. And with that, I tried to become more open and grateful for each new day. Eventually, I made the art journal page, previously posted here, as a way to mark the transformation.
And while it was an extremely stressful year, I also realized a lot of good things happened in 2008 also. I was given the opportunity to sell my art locally; I made a lot of new art friends; I strengthened bonds with old friends. My favorite aunt beat breast cancer. My daughter and I were able to go visit my family in New Mexico and hang out in/by my parent's pool. My husband's brother was able to visit us for the first time in the 13 years my husband has lived here. My eldest son scored a great job with the State of Alaska, and he was able to take a trip to Oregon, which he loves, and also was invited to (and able to attend) a small, select networking conference in Colorado. My youngest son was able to fully enjoy his senior year of high school, participating in every play--MASH, Les Miserables, and Alexander's Horrible, Rotten...No Good Day. And even tho' he had a series of accidents this fall that could have proved fatal, the fact is he survived them and is doing well. In reflection, there is indeed a lot to be thankful for in 2008.
So moving on.
At this moment it is zero degrees on my back deck! Brrrrr!
So in 2009 I'm looking forward to:
seeking a closer relationship with God, strengthening bonds with family and friends, the healing of Nathan's aunt Donna who is battling cancer and of his mother who suffered a stroke in December, growing in my art skills, starting to take steps to improve my health issues--which includes, I hope, the opportunity to visit a specialist who will start visiting Juneau in February if all goes according to plan, the completion of the CD started by Earthen Vessels, the group in which my husband is the lead singer, and of course, warmer temperatures!
Finally, my hope for all of you is that those things that are near and dear to your heart are realized in this new year.
~ Cathy


Paben said...

Well I hope You all had A Merry Christmas and I hope this year will be A bright New Year For You!It is the hard times that makes up stronger spiritualy and within our self!Just know you have all us Cheerleaders with Tassles on our Cupcakes cheering for you Honey!

Sir Pumpkin said...

Love and blessings on you and your family for 2009.
When times are troubled just look across the water and I'll send you a hug. x

Cathy said...

thanks, you two.

sure, pumpkin, i'm looking and i see you now. *waving*

Bev said...

How special you are to me Cathy, and I'm keep you close in pray that this New Year brings all that you hope for and more...(((hugs))) Bevie

PurpleRealm said...

Honey, 08 is now a memory and 09 is here to live to its fullest. Sending you lots of hugs and angels from the land down under! xxx