Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Morning

Well I just need to leave a quick note. It is 46 degrees on our back deck. The sun is shining; it feels like spring. Such a change in weather in such a short time! There's only snow on the top of the mountains that we can see from our house. It reminds me of May, except for the snow on the ground which is rapidly melting.

A few days ago I posted that another avalanche damaged major equipment belonging to our local electric company. As a result, they're upping our rates x3. Some people say that's not too bad, because when the same thing happened last April, they upped our rates x5. Well I still think 3x is bad. Or at least wrong.
After all, they're a for-profit company that traditionally pays its members and/or upper management yearly dividends based on its profits. Well I, the customer, never get a dividend check. So why should the customers have to pay when they suffer a loss.
Unfortunately, they're the only source of power in town, so they have us over a barrel.

On a happier note, we celebrated my husband's birthday yesterday. (Hey, all you art fans--his birthday is the same day as Teesha Moore's!) Anyway he had a good day: lots of birthday wishes from his friends and family; his favorite pizza for dinner; a German chocolate cake made by yours truly; and great gifts from me, our kids, my parents, and my sister and her family.

Well, the weather's so nice that Nathan's about to wash his beloved Mustang. And I'm off to make art.
Tonight my youngest son and his girlfriend will come over for a bit to play Apples-to-Apples. I love that game, and so does David's girlfriend. We'll probably eat more cake :)


Anji Gallanos said...

Say Happy Birthday to Nathan for me.

Cathy said...


Jenyfer said...

Happy Birthday to Nathan. I am happy to hear it is warming up. I have been sending you warm thoughts

roc said...

happy birthday nathan!! have some cake for me!!