Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow Pix

Here are a few snow pictures. I refuse to venture farther than my front door, so two were taken from there. The other was taken from our back deck. I'm also including a couple of summer pix for comparison. The summer and winter ones from the back deck are just about the same viewing point.


Jenyfer said...

Nice comparison... Wow!

roc said...

nice to see your photos! love seeing that big mountain back there~

Sir Pumpkin said...

Oh what a cosy lovely home you have. And I just noticed the amazing backdrop - those trees, that MOUNTAIN!
Thanks for showing - and I guess who will clean the snow off that car?

Cathy said...

ha! my son will clean off that snow, bc that's his car!

that's just one of the mountains you can see from our yard, stuart. we actually can see many!