Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gifts Galore

This week I received a few surprise gift packages in the mail--and it's not even Christmas or my birthday.
First, my friend Roc sent me a handmade purse that she created just for me. The amount of love and work she put into this is incredible. I feel bad because I didn't make anything for her. In fact, I didn't make anything for anyone....
The next day I received 2 boxes of books, one from my friend Gayle in Fairbanks, and another from my friend Dusty in Oklahoma. They both share my love for reading, and for the most part our tastes in books are similiar. I love, love, love to read, so I'm thrilled to have so many books stockpiled. Can't wait to venture in.

Here on the homefront, I can tell it snowed more during the night. Geesh, just can't have enough of the stuff, I guess!

Today I'm working on art. I almost have another Love canvas finished. Nathan's going to work, even tho' he's not scheduled. He's been very busy the past few weeks, which is a huge blessing.

Stay warm!

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