Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good News for David

My youngest son, David, 18 (the one who broke his leg in Sept) loves writing, acting, etc. He was able to perform in all 3 productions during his senior year of high school last year: MASH (Captain Frank Burns--see photo: that's him in the middle, crying over the trunk); Les Miserables (multiple roles; and Alexander's Horrible...No Good Day (the dad). As well, he and some of his friends formed an improv group and performed for the public 2x last summer at the Silverbow Back Room.
This year he has worked the soundboard for Perserverance Theatre for 2 productions this season (Doubt and a short Christmas play). Last evening he received a call that he has been cast for an upcoming production of the theatre's "second stage" -- a small freebie sidekick of the theatre. The play is written by one of his friends, and David's girlfriend, who works for the theatre full-time will be the stage manager. As well, he received word that the theatre's stage manager has hired him to work the soundboard again in one of the plays for this spring, 8 Stars of Gold.
He's in heaven; this is his world.


roc said...

that's wonderful news! tell him i said good luck. well i wanted to say "break a leg"...but he's already done that!

Cathy said...

yeah, i don't dare say the "break a leg" thing either! he just might go and do it!