Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Snowy Day in "Paradise"

Ok, on of those rare sunny and warm days in Juneau, it does seem like paradise. But for me, those days are too infrequent for me to like living here. (Tho' the people are great here. it's just the weather I have issues with.)
So yesterday morning we heard we were going to get 1-2" of snow for the day. At some point it changed to 6-12" for the day and another 6-12" for last night. I don't know how much we have actually received (???--what word would best describe?), but it's a heck of a lot. There's no school today, and it's still snowing, and there's a storm watch still in effect, and ugh ugh ugh!!!
I'll try to post pictures later.
If you like raven/crow art, be sure to check out anji's blog. She just posted a lot of cool things.
Here's a dictionary "skinny" page (3"x5") I made yesterday for a weekly challenge.

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Anji Gallanos said...

Snow Day! Luckily the kids just got some belated Christmas presents in the mail last we are set up...and I can spend the day in my studio. Have a great one Cathy.