Monday, January 5, 2009

Eagle vs. Shark

So a few blogs ago, Jenyfer recommended a movie titled Eagle vs. Shark. Saturday night Nathan + I watched it and loved it. That type of movie is our favorite, so we're glad you suggested it, Jenyfer.
(Jenyfer and her husband are presently in Puerto Rico. Check out her photos; I'm so jealous!) Still snowing here, Jenyfer!

So today is back-to-school day here. As much as I love Christmas--and I love every element of it--it's always good to get back into a routine. I've already exercised this morning. hmmm, wonder how long I'll keep that up. I hope for once I will stay consistent with that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Jenyfer said...

I am glad you liked it. I get nervous recommending movies I really like.

I like snow. It's better than rain.

Cathy said...

after almost 18 years in juneau, i hate rain. but, it's still easier for me to deal with than snow: don't have to clean off the car, shovel the driveway, etc. :)

roc said...

i love routine cath. you can count on it.