Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday morning

I'll start with the lows and end on a high note.

Many of you might remember that last April an avalanche caused major damage to our electric company's system, which caused our rates to soar, because the electric company was forced to rely on diesel powered generators. If I recall correctly, that occurance was the first in the electric company's history.
Well it happened again yesterday.

If you've followed my blog you know that in the past couple of weeks our temps dropped below zero, and then started to warm up again a few days ago. Yesterday, it was 38 degrees on our back deck.
You'd think that'd be good news, but the warmer weather followed an onslaught of snow. We got almost 52 inches of snow in January alone, on top of the snowfall we had in December.
So now it's an utter mess.
David probably drove too fast through one of the "puddles" (lake?) yesterday, which caused his alternator belt to slip off and break. His car is still in the shop; they didn't get it finished yesterday due to the power outtage. We had it towed to the same place that put on his snow tires in November, and during that we experienced a power outtage also. I may have to prohibit David from ever taking his vehicle there again!

Okay, on the bright side: I've finished 3 of my Love canvases, and I love them! Nathan will drop them off at the printer's today so they can be scanned. Once that's done I can share them online, plus I will have prints made.

Hope you all are staying warm and dry!


Anji Gallanos said...

Three love canvases is a bright side...this is a mess. I got to talk Max's class on a walk through town. Yuck. I also slid down my hill about 10 feet. very gross.

Cathy said...

i read your blog about that. i couldn't believe you all were treading about. ick!

roc said...

can't wait to see what you've done so far cath!

Jenyfer said...

That's crazy!

Sir Pumpkin said...

Very much looking forward to seeing your new canvasses. Sorry to hear about the weather chaos up with you.

PurpleRealm said...

Yikes hon, thats some nasty PITA weather! Ill send you some of my 110F Im having today!
Looking foward to seeing your love canvases. Hugs